Hopper windows are single-style windows that are hinged at the bottom to open from the top, and can either open inwards or outwards.

If opening inwards, they are only suitable for internal use (as an inwardly opening window can let the elements into the house). Outwardly opening hopper windows can be used either internally or externally, and have the added benefit of not impeding your view or using up too much space.

They can be manufactured in a range of sizes, but their versatile design means they are commonly used in small areas, such as in bathrooms. Unlike sliding windows, which only allow for half of the allocated window area to be used for ventilation, a hopper window opens inwards or outwards, maximising ventilation capacity and making the best use of the available space.

If considering this window choice, be aware that coverings such as blind or curtains can make opening and closing the inwardly opening hopper windows difficult – so it’s best not to put them in areas where you require privacy, such as first-floor bathrooms that face the street. For windows in areas like this, tinting and privacy films may be an option.

At Grange Joinery, we produce and install distinctive, custom-built hopper windows to suit your building and lifestyle. Crafted from the highest-quality materials, they are available with your preferred glazing – from lead lights to double glazing.

They can be installed either to open via a chain operator, or to be simply ‘flicked’ open.

For more information or to arrange for a no-obligation quote, please contact us via phone or email, or pay us a visit at the Heidelberg West showroom

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