ThermoGlide – state of the art technology created and patented by Grange Joinery

The double hung window has timeless appeal, still enjoying enormous popularity as the most efficient and attractive method of providing light, security and controllable air circulation, with the advantage of not demanding any floor space either inside or externally.

In the past, these windows have had some drawbacks, the sashes often rattled in a breeze and could easily become stuck. Painting was difficult and if a problem arose with older systems, repairs could be expensive.

Grange Joinery has designed a patented system to manufacture the double hung window with state of the art technology. The result is a window with all the benefits of the traditional double hung window and none of the disadvantages. The system involves a new method of fabrication with the following benefits;

Rattle free: Specially designed seals and a window catch that draws the sashes together eliminating all rattles

Ease of operation: Aluminium guides, powder coated to match your decor, mean smooth fingertip operation making them ideal for use by the frail or elderly

Noise and Thermal Reduction: Vertical and horizontal seals minimise both thermal and acoustic transmission, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: This exclusive system allows for easy installation with sashes that be released from the guides for painting. The unit is totally accessible and the tension in the cords is adjustable ensuring continual stability

The ThermoGlide system suits all window sizes and styles, and is suitable for both new and existing openings, in weatherboard, brick veneer and solid brick construction. They can be manufactured in a variety of styles from traditional to modern and will blend with any environment.

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