Spiral balance windowSpiral balance windows are a type of double hung window that provide excellent ventilation, reliable operation, and a traditional aesthetic appeal. Consisting of a top and bottom panel that slide vertically to overlap in the middle, spiral balance windows use a system involving window sash cords, window weights, and pulleys (concealed within an access panel) to open and close.

 Otherwise known as sash windows, these windows allow for an excellent air cross-flow during the warmer months. When open, equal spaces at the bottom and top of the window draw cool air into the room whilst allowing warm air to escape.

Traditionally, some spiral balance windows have been a bit heavy, difficult to move, and prone to snagging – particularly if not properly maintained. That’s why those from Grange Joinery are engineered to ensure smooth and seamless operation, with a well-designed sash window cord and window weight that allows for easy opening and closing, time after time.

At Grange Joinery, we combine the proven concepts of traditional craftsmanship with all the developments of modern technology to give you the ultimate in performance and style.

Our sash windows are available with your choice of glazing, including leadlights and double glazing options.

While spiral balance windows are commonly found in Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian houses, our talented designers are able to custom-make these windows to suit a variety of architectural styles, including more contemporary styles.

We can also manufacture them to suit your size specifications – whether you’re after a small functional window or a large feature that makes a statement.

For more information or a no-obligation quote on our spiral balance windows – including our window sash cords and weights – please don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 9457 4524 or via sales@grangejoinery.com.au. You can also visit our factory/showroom at 146-148 Dougharty Road, Heidelberg West.