Double hung windowGrange Joinery offers design and installation of double hung windows in Melbourne, custom-built to suit your specifications. This includes spiral balance, cord and weight, and the patented Thermoglide system, which is our own state-of-the-art solution for this particular window design.

The timeless appeal and efficient functionality of the double hung design mean it still enjoys enormous popularity as an easy and effective way to provide light, ensure security, and control air circulation.

We offer three different types of double hung windows in Melbourne:

ThermoGlide Our innovative, patented system that delivers the benefits of traditional double hung windows without the disadvantages. Made using a new fabrication method, ThermoGlide windows’ specially designed seals and window catch mean they won’t rattle in the wind, while vertical and horizontal seals will reduce thermal and acoustic transmission.

Spiral Balance This is a classic design consisting of a top and bottom panel that slide vertically open to overlap in the middle. This results in equal openings at the top and bottom of the window, making for effective ventilation and air cross-flow.

Cord & Weight Our cord and weight system feature two weights, concealed within the window panels, providing very light weight and smooth, easy opening and closing every time.

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