Double doorWith their roots in the seventeenth century, French doors are a beautifully traditional solution for allowing natural sunlight into the home and giving your rooms a light and airy feel. Featuring glass panels or lights fitted into a timber frame and hinged to swing in or out of your room, they can be installed either as single or double doors.

At Grange Joinery, we manufacture our premium-quality French doors in Melbourne. Prices are kept as competitive as possible, while using only the best native and exotic timbers –including cedar and Victorian Ash.

Our French doors for sale can be custom-built and installed to your specifications.

With its classical appearance, a French double door is a popular option for a range of more traditional architectural styles, such as Victorian and Edwardian era terrace houses, cottage-style houses and rustic country farmhouses. However, the versatility of this design also means they’re widely used to complement more modern interiors.

Our French doors for sale in Melbourne can be installed as interior double doors, giving you aesthetic flexibility. Close them for privacy or open them up to turn two living areas into a larger single one, creating a more spacious feeling in an instant. Alternatively, use them to open out onto a patio or garden, for an easy way to let the sunshine in and open your room up to the outside world.

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