Stacker sliding door

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An easy and effective way to bring the outdoors in.

Grange Joinery manufactures and installs a custom-built stacker sliding door according to your specifications. We can produce joinery to blend seamlessly with the architecture and style of a wide range of old and new properties, from a Georgian-style terrace house to a contemporary apartment.

Fitted with glass panes, our stacker sliding doors slide smoothly along aluminium tracks to provide a flexible, permeable wall between outdoors and in, light up your room with natural sunlight, and offer easy access to your courtyard, patio, balcony or garden. A fantastic option for those who love outdoor entertaining, these doors let you put an alfresco spin on your home and enjoy an open, fresh-air feeling in your living area.

Our stacker sliding doors can be built to fit most dimensions, whether it’s a small corner bedroom or large open-plan living area. They come with a range of glazing options, from lead lights to double glazing, as well as the option of flyscreens*.

While stacker sliding doors have a modern look, their minimalist, streamlined design and contemporary aesthetic would blend in with a more traditional architectural style.

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